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Our website design service will help to grow your business and systemize your internal process. Our brilliant websites are designed around strategy and your target audience.

Our website design will keep your customers happy

Let’s be honest, your website’s main purpose is to increase your revenue whether it is through lead generation or online sales. At Mage H.D.,we focus on the strategy that makes it easy for your customers to get to the end goal of your website. After understanding the main purpose of your website, we create a website design that not only fits your needs but also the needs of your visitors.

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What is an effective Website design service?

Excellent website design enables your customer to simply do everything that they intend to do when they arrive on your website. It has to be effortless and help them through to their end goal. This in turn will equate to increased conversions from the website delivering a strong return on investment (ROI).

A great website will provide users a visual experience and tell the story of your brand or product to excite and resonate with them. It will make your customers feel something.

Websites should also make life easier for everyone and streamline the way that your brand delivers customer service. It should be easily manageable and scalable and help your business to thrive online.

What is the turnaround on Website design projects?

A smaller website can be delivered in 6 weeks whereas larger website projects can be delivered within a timeframe of 3-9 months depending on the complexity and functionality involved.

As well as having a dedicated project manager, we utilize a digital platform called Team Work to manage all of the tasks associated with your website project. This is a collaborative tool that you will have access to, ensuring that you always know what we are working on. It provides you with complete project transparency.

After the launch of every project, we conduct a post-launch checkup to ensure everything is working up to par.

Mobile responsive is a must

In these modern days, 60% of visitors that browse a website will be using a mobile device while 92% of all users access the internet using a mobile phone. (Read more about website traffic) Every website that we build is tested for mobile responsiveness to ensure a pleasant user experience on mobile. Furthermore, we verify that your mobile layout assists in your conversion rates and lead generation.

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Example of a software window with sample web development coding. | Mage H.D.

We always use the latest website design technologies & standards

You may not realize this but the instance your business gain an internet presence, it is now partially a tech company. Much like the technology industry, the latest and the greatest are always the best to use in your website design project. We use all the latest technologies to ensure our clients get the best of the best.

Our website designs are built to perform!

We love a clean aesthetically pleasing website. Many times, when a template is advertised it looks great, but when it’s time to test functionality, the website falls flat.

Thumbs up graphic approving website design | Mage H.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

A regular website has similar stages as building an ecommerce website. The stages are

  • Strategy phase – This is where we strategize on the best direction of the build.
  • Wireframing – This is the phase were we plan the layout of the website.
  • UI/UX design – In this phase we add more elements to the wireframe. We typically will also add the copy that will be used on the live website as well as any imagery or graphics. 
  • Design integration – We then integrate the design that was created in the UI/UX phase onto the chosen ecommerce platform.
  • Admin configuration – We configure all the needed settings in the admin dashboard of the website. These settings include, business information, website information, etc.
  • Soft Launch – we launch the website to the public but the launch is not advertised. It’s merely to ensure everything is working well.
  • Post launch – We configure connections to third-party services such as Google webmaster tools or Google Analytics. 

The cost of a website design service can vary and can also depend on the cost of the website design company. The factors below can drastically change the cost.

  • The platform being used
  • The complexity of the design
  • The number of features the client wants
  • The number of extensions needed

There are many platforms out there to use for your website design. The most popular platform is WordPress. 

Our decades of experience in Website design ensures that your website will be in good hands. View our case studies to see how we’ve made our clients successful. Our team has brought success to our clients. View the case studies to read more about our previous projects.

Koils by Nature was given a fresh new look.

We created a fresh, new, & modern look!
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We helped Dr. Locs increase their sales weeks prior to COVID-19

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