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Become an affiliate and earn commissions on website builds.

Unlock the potential of the Mage H.D. Affiliate Program and begin earning generous commissions for every successfully closed website deal generated by your referrals. Enjoy up to a remarkable 10% commission on all builds!

Benefits Summary

High commission rates based on total build cost 
Work at your own pace
120 days of cookie life
A+ rated Support
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Who Can Be a Mage H.D. Inc. Affiliate?

Content Publishers

Bloggers, social media influencers

Paid Ads

Google PPC specialists, social media advertisers, Linkedin advertisers.

B2B Businesses

Businesses that engage with other enterprises requiring services like web design, web development, or SEO.

Sales specialists

Sales specialists that are good at understanding the target audience for our industry

Networking Event Planners

Experienced event planners specialize in curating networking events specifically tailored for business owners.

Course Creators & Speakers

People who develop webinars or courses pertaining to the business sector or industry.
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Frequently asked questions

TheMage H.D. Inc. Affiliate Program allows you to earn high ticket commissions by referring customers to Mage H.D. Inc. through tracked affiliate links and creatives. It provides an opportunity for you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each refferal who has closed on a website project or SEO subscription. 

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Mage H.D. Inc. is a distinguished digital marketing agency specializing in various cutting-edge services, including SEO, digital marketing, web development and design, conversion rate optimization, and much more.
If someone is referred to us through your referral link and decides to have a website built with us, you will earn a percentage of that project. For instance, if the minimum cost of the project is $6500, you will receive 10% (A Whopping $650) once the project is closed.

Although we haven't set up our subscription-based referral system yet, it will be available very soon. 
We diligently evaluate every application, taking into consideration the promotional attributes presented. To be eligible for promotion, an affiliate's channels must meet our stringent quality standards and align seamlessly with the Mage H.D. Inc. brand.
  • If you're a creator, it's important to have a minimum of 1,000 monthly traffic on your website(s) and a significant number of organic followers/likes on your social network page or group, typically at least 1,000.
  • When promoting Mage H.D., we carefully evaluate the construction of websites and social media profiles, traffic sources, keyword rankings, content frequency and relevance, as well as potential audience overlap.
  • To ensure relevance to our products and to maintain a high standard, we only accept online properties that don't contain objectionable or offensive content.
  • We recommend using an email address that matches your website's domain name when signing up. We do not accept free e-mail accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc
  • To prevent spam promotions, we don't approve applications solely based on an email strategy.
  • Additionally, applications that rely solely on paid advertising are not approved to avoid any fraud or unwelcome traffic.
We're also excited to welcome agencies, consultants, speakers, and educators to join us. When you submit your application, please include your agency website and LinkedIn profile for our thorough review.

To make things easier, we kindly ask you to submit a single application, listing all your websites. This will help us evaluate everything properly.

Just a heads up, applications without relevant links to websites, blogs, or social media accounts won't be considered. If your website isn't live yet or has just been launched, we suggest you apply later when your channels are fully functional and ready for evaluation.

As an affiliate, there are certain actions that you are not allowed to do. Please take note of some of the following main restrictions:

  • Self-Referrals and Commission Sharing: Self-referrals and commission sharing are strictly prohibited. You are not permitted to use your own affiliate link to make purchases or create accounts for yourself, your relatives, or employees.Fraudulent Activities: Engaging in fraudulent activity, such as click fraud, cookie stuffing, or using unauthorized promotional methods, is strictly prohibited.
  • No Misleading Content: You should not misrepresent Mage H.D. Inc. or its products/services. Providing accurate information and avoiding making false claims or misleading statements is important. You are not allowed to do false advertising, such as misrepresenting a free trial as a coupon or discount, advertising invalid trials or offers, or engaging in any form of deceptive marketing tactics.
  • PPC Advertising: If you are running paid advertising campaigns, you are not allowed to bid on Mage H.D. Inc. branded keywords and ANY misspelled branded keywords like (but not limited to) MageHD, magehd, maghd, etc.
  • Unauthorized Use of Brand Names: You are not allowed to use Mage H.D. Inc's trademarks in domain names, social media accounts, or communities names. 

Please thoroughly read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the Mage H.D. Inc. Affiliate Program to ensure compliance with all restrictions and guidelines when applying to the program.

 As an affiliate of Mage H.D. Inc., it is crucial to disclose your partnership when promoting Mage H.D. Inc. products or services. Mage H.D. Inc. is a US-based company, so as our affiliate program, therefore you must follow the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines when using their affiliate links.


When disclosing your partnership, it's important to clearly communicate that you may earn a commission or receive compensation for referrals or sales made through your affiliate links.

We use Paypal as our payout option. Your payments will be delivered upon closing of a website build project or an SEO subscription. If an SEO subscription is closed, your payment will be the date of that subscription every month as long as the subscription is in an active status. 

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