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Ecommerce Website Development

Our professional ecommerce web development service ensures that your internet business will have the best chance of becoming successful. badge showing Mage H.D. as Top Shopify Company in Tampa | Mage H.D. | Mage H.D. badge showing Mage H.D. as Top Magento Company in Tampa | Mage H.D. | Mage H.D.
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Conversion optimized Ecommerce

It’s not about how much sales you’ve made, it is about getting the highest potential of revenue from sales. It’s important to guide our clients in the steps to help them reach their highest sales potential. With the proper knowledge and guidance, tied with a high converting website, your success will be that much greater. Our ecommerce development service includes conversion-increasing modifications that are made on our website

What is an effective ecommerce service?

An effective ecommerce development service includes an organized strategy based on your business industry and business needs. The ecommerce website should compliment your brand with professional aesthetics. Professional aesthetics include the proper choice of colors using color harmonies, Crisp graphical elements and imagery such as a logo or a product image, and consistent font sizing.  Conversion rates are important for an effective ecommerce website. Conversion rate is the measurement of visitors that have made a sale compared to the total amount of visitors for that specific time period. An ecommerce website should be conversion ready to accommodate for the other elements that assist with conversions such as Facebook advertising, Google advertising, or an e-mail marketing campaign. All of what's mentioned is included in our ecommerce development service.

What is the turn around on ecommerce design projects

You can expect to experience an increase in your overall website health in as little as 4 weeks.  With a SEO ready site and a professional search engine optimization marketing plan custom to your business needs you will start seeing results in less than a month.  Optimizing your complete site is how you guarantee the ultimate boost in lead generations and conversions.

all websites are created mobile friendly

The majority of your internet traffic will be using a mobile phone. The approximate mobile traffic that will visit a website is about 70% and rising. All of our ecommerce development projects result in a mobile responsive e-commerce website with either automatic responsiveness where the elements will display responsively automatically or we will create a dedicated mobile theme that displays mobile elements dynamically. In addition, we follow Google's responsive design best practices to ensure search engines such as Google do not have crawl issues. 

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Find answers to frequently asked questions

Ecommerce development has the same stages as a regular website. The biggest difference is in the configuration of the ecommerce platform. The stages are

  • Strategy phase - This is where we strategize on the best direction of the build.
  • Wireframing - This is the phase were we plan the layout of the website.
  • UI/UX design - In this phase we add more elements to the wireframe. We typically will also add the copy that will be used on the live website as well as any imagery or graphics. 
  • Design integration - We then integrate the design that was created in the UI/UX phase onto the chosen ecommerce platform.
  • Admin configuration - We configure all the needed settings in the admin dashboard of the website. These settings include shipping, payment, taxes, business information, website information, etc.
  • Soft Launch - we launch the website to the public but the launch is not advertised. It's merely to ensure everything is working well.
  • Post launch - We configure connections to third-party services such as Google webmaster tools or Google Analytics. 

Ecommerce development costs can range from $2500 to the hundreds of thousands. The following elements play a factor.

  • The platform being used
  • The complexity of the design
  • The number of features the client wants
  • The number of extensions needed

Ecommerce development companies offer web development services specifically in the area of ecommerce websites. They will usually build from the ground up all the way to launch. 

There isn't the best platform for eCommerce. Every platform serves a specific purpose. Example: A start-up business should not start on an Adobe commerce (Magento) website. The monthly overhead to maintain the website can cost thousands. On the other hand, a large corporation should not be on a Shopify website. Although Shopify Plus allows for a lot of great features, it is still a cloud platform with limitations. Lately, many businesses are moving towards headless commerce which utilizes the ease of use with Shopify, while offering the versatility of a custom front end. 

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Increase conversions with technology

As a business owner, you have much to worry about so why not automate some of those tasks? As we build your e-commerce strategy, we also consider other technologies that can communicate with your website to help increase your conversions. It can be automated email marketing, automated review collection or even automated communication with 3rd party services such as Facebook, & Instagram.

You customer journey matters

Having a clean and simple checkout is a key factor in conversions. We always review your customer journey to ensure your e-commerce website is conversion ready. We also use design tactics in helping to improve your customer journey even further than a standard e-commerce website. The easier it is for your customers to purchase, the higher revenue for your business. As a bonus, your customers will love shopping on your website.
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Our decades of experience in Ecommerce website development ensures that your website will be in good hands. View our case studies to see how we’ve made our clients successful. Our team has brought success to our clients. View the case studies to read more about our previous projects.