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Fill the required fields like Website URL , UTM Source , UTM Medium , UTM Campaign and the optional fields UTM Content and UTM Term.
The URL builder will automatically generate your UTM URL. Copy the generated URL and use it in your campaigns.







How to build a UTM code with the UTM generator tool

Fill in each link attribute in the following above form.

Once you have filled all necessary details, you will see a generated URL. This URL is what you would use to paste in your advertising and marketing platforms, as well as any analytics tools you may have.

UTM Parameters in depth

1. Campaign

A campaign parameter example is the UTM parameter, which allows tracking a specific campaign. This parameter is used to differentiate ads or advertising efforts going to the same URL, but have different content or context. For example, if a website has a link to a product page, it may use the campaign parameter to identify the source of traffic (such as an email campaign or social media promotion). The campaign parameter is used to identify the source of traffic and provide analytics about it.

2. Campaign Source

The source parameter is used to note the source of traffic, such as a search engine or a specific website. It can be helpful in tracking where traffic is coming from and providing attribution where appropriate. An example of a source parameter is utm_source = Facebook, which indicates that the traffic should be attributed to Facebook.

3. Campaign Medium

The marketing medium parameter is one of the five main parameters of a UTM code. It is used to identify the channel or medium that the source is coming from. Examples of a UTM medium parameter include paid-social, email, and website. The medium parameter should be the same across channels in order to easily connect the campaign. It is best to use a shared name of the campaign that the link belongs to as the campaign name parameter to avoid confusion. This ensures that all social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and website content are easily linked together. By using a shared name, it makes tracking and reporting on campaign performance much easier.

4. Campaign Content

Content is used to differentiate between different pieces of content in a single campaign. The content is a description of what type of content was used to refer the visitor, such as an image or video. Consider the overall goal for each piece of content when setting up UTM parameters. It's important to ensure that all relevant content leads to the intended conversion action. For example, images can be used to promote a website or product, while videos can be used to explain how to use a service or purchase a product.

5. Campaign Tags or Terms

The term parameter is used to identify the keyword or phrase that a user searched for in order to find your website. This parameter should be included in your UTM code if you are running an ad campaign targeting a keyword such as “widgets”. By including this parameter, Google will show ads related to “widgets” only. For example, if you are running an ad campaign targeting the keyword “widgets”, you can include the term parameter “utm_term=widgets” in your code. This parameter tells Google which keyword you are targeting so it can show ads relevant to that keyword. 


We hope this helps you generate UTM codes for your marketing campaigns and track them in Google Analytics. Feel free to use the generator to generate your UTM code for social media or email marketing campaigns. You can use them to tag social media posts, email subject lines, and email campaign landing pages. You can also use them with website URLs, display ads, and Facebook ad campaigns. By using UTM codes, you’ll be able to measure campaign performance more accurately than ever before.Campaignabove

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