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UTM Code Generator

UTM Builder - Free Google URL Builder to Generate UTM Codes

URL Builder to Generate UTM Codes

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Generated UTM tracking URL

Fill the required fields like Website URL , UTM Source , UTM Medium , UTM Campaign and the optional fields UTM Content and UTM Term. The URL builder will automatically generate your UTM URL. Copy the generated URL and use it in your campaigns.

How to Use the UTM Code Generator

Ever wondered how social media giants like Facebook and Instagram manage to track the performance of their ads?

Well, the answer lies in a code commonly known as the UTM code. It’s a code that social media platforms use to track the performance of their ads on their platform.

The code is also a vital tool for businesses trying to market their products on social media. It allows them to monitor how well an ad is performing across different social media channels, which ultimately helps them make smarter marketing decisions.

In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the UTM builder and how it can help you track your social media campaigns and link them with organic traffic on your website.

UTM Builder: What is it and why you need it?

The UTM code generator is a tool used to create unique identifiers for your ad copy. Urls with utm codes are used by Google Analytics, or other analytics tools, to track and measure website performance. Using a UTM code generator can help you create and track unique and relevant metrics for your website.

You can use a code generator to track metrics like Unique visitors, pageviews, and bounce rate. It also comes with a range of preset values such as country, keyword, page, or device type. You can customize these values to suit your needs. Additionally, you can add additional parameters like the country code or keyword to further narrow down your parameter of interest.

Creating a unique identifier for your website using a code generator will help you measure website performance more accurately and effectively.

What are the parts of a UTM code?

A UTM code is made up of 6 parts, each with its own function that can help differentiate between ads . The first part is the campaign URL that you want to measure. Here is an in-depth look at the other parts.

UTM source

The UTM code generator allows you to create unique identifiers for your website. These identifiers are called UTM links, which stands for Urchin Tracking Module.

Each parameter of a UTM link has a specific purpose and helps track the performance of your campaigns. The campaign source parameter is the most important as it identifies the source of the link. It can be any website or platform such as Facebook, Google Ads, or a blog post.

UTM links contain 5 parameters: campaign source, medium, name, content, and term. The campaign source parameter is used to identify the source of the link, such as a blog post on a website or an advertising campaign on social media.

UTM medium

The campaign medium is the type of platform that you are using to reach your target audience. For example, if you are running a social media campaign, you may choose to use email as your campaign medium. This allows you to reach a wide range of people and tailor your message to best appeal to your audience.

In addition, search engine marketing (SEO) and social media can also be effective campaign mediums. These channels allow you to reach many online users quickly and easily. By selecting the right campaign medium for your social media, SEO, or other marketing campaigns, you can ensure that you are reaching your target audience effectively and efficiently.

UTM name

The campaign name is used to identify the specific marketing campaign and should be descriptive so that it can easily differentiate it from other campaigns. It should be kept short so that it doesn’t affect the link length or readability.

The campaign name should be descriptive and easy to remember, such as “social media” or “blog post”. It is important to ensure that each campaign has a unique name so that you can track specific performance metrics. For best results, use a keyword tool to find a keyword that best describes the nature of your campaign, and use the keyword consistently throughout your marketing materials.

UTM content

The campaign content is part of a UTM code that is used to further identify the content of your ad or campaign. It can be used to differentiate between two versions of an ad or link, such as a regular link and a link with tracking metrics enabled. This content can include text, images, and links to other sites. The best way to ensure that your campaign has campaign content is to include it in your copy or upload it as a file in your ad builder tool.

UTM term

A campaign term is the keyword or phrase used to identify the product or service being advertised in a campaign. For example, if you are running an ad for a laptop, you can use “laptop” as your campaign term.

The campaign term is used to track the words or phrases that lead users to click on your ad. It is important to use accurate and descriptive terms to easily measure your campaigns’ effectiveness. By using accurate and descriptive keywords, you can more effectively target your ads and measure their performance.


By using our url builder, you can easily create UTMs for your campaigns and measure their performance. The best way to ensure that your campaign is tracked properly, be sure to use our tool. By using accurate and descriptive keywords in our tool, you can more effectively target your ads and measure their performance.