African Ancestry

African Ancestry is an innovative and revolutionary company that has revolutionized the way African Americans trace their family histories. By providing a unique combination of data, technology, and expertise, African Ancestry helps individuals discover their African ancestral origins. Through cutting-edge DNA testing and rigorous research, African Ancestry unlocks powerful insights into an individual's family history. With a database of over 35 countries across Africa, African Ancestry enables people to explore their heritage with unprecedented precision. Through its programs, products, and services, African Ancestry is committed to helping people around the world connect with their pasts and gain a greater understanding of themselves.

The Challenge

The website needed more effort placed into a proper SEO campaign


Shopify Plus / SEO / Technical SEO / Content Marketing

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The Mage H.D.  team has over 20+ years of experience.  

Without existing plans, we embarked on the SEO project from scratch. Diligently, we identified the most optimal keywords and began optimizing our content to target them. To guarantee effective indexing by search engines, we smoothly incorporated internal linking, structured data markup, and meta tags. Moreover, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of our competitors to identify potential areas of opportunity for our website.


Aesthetics is extremely important for your business reputation.  

Future Priorities

SEO is an on-going service and will continue to increase not only the traffic to the website but increase conversions as well. By optimizing on-page elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, and keyword usage, your website will be easier for search engines to find and index.

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