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Website design & development can get expensive. Even more so if you're not using the correct platform. At MageHD , we consult with all clients to gather their business needs in order to put your businesses on a platform that fits. With our proven Agile Scrum project plans, your ROI is first priority. Further more, there's no more waiting months at a time to launch your website. Below are services we offer to build the perfect website.

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Wordpress is an open source free platform that typically fits most business needs. It has a wide variety of plugins that are free and paid, to accomplish the features needed for a website. This platform is recommended for less complex website needs.

HTML website design & development

HTML 5 Website Design

HTML is the best choice for static content. There are no worries about upgrading a platform version or even getting hacked by malicious developers. The great part about an html website is it's morphability. Most HTML websites can be converted into a theme if a platform or web application is needed.

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