What is a web application?

Web applications are a way of customizing your website functionality so it fits your business processes perfectly. Web applications are also perfect for creating an original idea for a non traditional website. Websites like Uber, Facebook ,& Twitter are custom web applications.  We develop custom web applications using Agile Scrum methodologies that increases your ROI and keep your project on track.

Do I need a web application?

The need for a web application depends on your project or idea. Typically original ideas should be developed on a web application since they are unique. Another example is an established company that cannot find a web framework like Wordpress or Joomla to accomplish their business needs. Because we conduct web application development from scratch, every loose end is taken care of. A final example is if you would like to create a mobile phone application. Typically we recommend creating a web application to gain traction on your new idea first before moving to the mobile world, but this depends on the idea. Our team will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Web Application Technologies

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Wordpress is an open source free platform that typically fits most business needs. It has a wide variety of plugins that are free and paid, to accomplish the features needed for a website. This platform is recommended for less complex website needs.

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Angular 4 / JS

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The clock is ticking

Many ideas are flowing throughout the world. If you have an original idea, it's important that you act fast. Let's talk about your idea. No worries, we welcome Non Disclosure Agreements!