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Search engine Optimization

Increase traffic and revenue for your website with search engine optimization, on page SEO services, digital seo content marketing, local seo, and backlinks building.  Get a custom SEO plan to overall increase your business visibility and rankings on  Google search engines and more.  Give us your URL today we can do a full seo site audit and discuss a strategy to increase brand exposure, produce high-ranking content, and overall build your business professionally online.

Increase your Conversion rates

Increase website conversions and lead generation with professional SEO best practices (white hat) and customize it to meet your website goals and create high-quality traffic to your site.  SEO-optimized sites lead to more conversions because visitors are more likely to follow through because they found exactly what they were looking for.  Search engine optimizations fuel the search engines and allow them to place your website on the screens of people looking for exactly what you are offering.

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What is Search engine optimization

Our search engine optimization SEO service includes a variety of digital marketing strategies to help improve your overall business.  Employing tasks like in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, and other white hat practices along with current AI allows us to give you the best plan for the most favorable result.  An SEO marketing plan may be the one thing keeping you from leading in your market.  The task of applying SEO marketing can be overwhelming but our team's inspiration and reputation are built on professional build websites with high conversions.  A tailor search engine optimization plan is the # 1 thing to improve your site when implemented.

What is the turn around time on SEO

You can expect to experience an increase in your overall website health in as little as 4 weeks.  With a SEO ready site and a professional search engine optimization marketing plan custom to your business needs you will start seeing results in less than a month.  Optimizing your complete site is how you guarantee the ultimate boost in lead generations and conversions.

What Does Our Search Engine Optimization Packages Include?

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Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Our SEO specialists will deliver reports to show you what is working for you and what is not.  By applying the best SEO strategy using Google tools such as Google Analytics we are able to solve issues resulting in slow to no traffic on your website, declining sales due to erroneous content, and get you started with the right foundation for growth.  Get a website audit and learn how to properly market your website online with white hat SEO techniques.  SEO optimization is a requirement by all search engines online in order to rank in search results.  

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Keyword Planning and Competitors Research Analysis

Keyword planning and competitors research analysis is a more in-depth search and understanding of your niche and is a crucial part of SEO content writing or copywriting.  We choose keywords that are guaranteed to boost your rankings and conversions.  Search engines are looking for the sites that will deliver what is being searched.  A professional SEO team will provide content on your site that will deliver what the people want and follow the guidelines that keep your site ranking with industry-leading companies.  Content that is SEO optimized will give your website a competitive boost in its industry. 

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Responsive Website development or website optimization

Having a place online to display your brand professionally and also make it easily accessible to your audience is what we offer with a Mage H.D. SEO ready website.  We optimize your website by increasing the load speed and meeting search engine rules.  Mage H.D. website developers are skilled in making your website stand out with a search engine optimized theme or custom-developed site that helps your business grow.  A website built by professionals can help your business reputation and improve website traffic results on the massive world wide web. Click here for more information on SEO ready website design and development.

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SEO Content Writing Services

Content writing with search engine optimized content is a must have for all of your web pages on your website if you want your website to rank and be found on online search engines.  Extensive in depth keyword research is a key element we use optimize your website pages.   Always taking into consideration the content you have, what your audience wants, the goals of the brand, a complete competitors analysis, is how we maintain success in our results.  Reach your audience, attract organic visitors to your site and lead in your industry by supplying consistent search engine optimized content. 

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SEO Blog Writing Services

As you are in business online your website should continuously be SEO-ready and updated regularly.  Our team of SEO blog writers helps eliminate some of the stress by producing SEO blogs and posting them regularly to your website on your behalf.  We valuable keywords to generate high-quality content that produces return visitors to your website.  All of our blogs are one of kind custom content.  We pride ourselves on our SEO blog writing services that have continually help boost traffic and brand recognition.  Content is key and when optimized for search engines properly it is King.

Find answers to frequently asked questions

Search engine practices that helps customers reach your business online organically with the main goal of increasing your website conversions. Google search console helps with staying up to date with your website presence in google search results. 

The purpose of a digital marketing agency is to provide a way for businesses or entrepreneurs to gain more visibility on the internet. This could be visibility through the Google search engine, visibility through e-mail marketing, and/or visibility through social media.

With incorporating keyword research analysis, competitor analysis, SEO content writing, and consistent SEO blog writing you can start to see an increase in conversions and brand awareness. Keep in mind, this is the general concept and it's more in depth.

You can absolutely do SEO on your own. There are platforms out there for DIY but SEO is a huge undertaking and you may not be able to manage a highly effective SEO campaign. Furthermore, the DIY platforms only brush the surface of SEO.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is the act of optimizing a website in order to rank higher in search results (SERP).

Search engines such as Google crawl sites regularly to gather information and content to provide relevant results in a search query.  With the use of an often changing search algorithm the most important information shows up within search rankings.  SEO is somewhat showing search engines what they like to see in a candidate for results.

SEO can take up to 6 months before you can see results from optimizing your site depending on the complexity of your industry and the difficulty of the targeted keywords.  The results from doing on-page SEO can be seen within one month or less.  Billions of searches online are done every day, the sooner you start the sooner you see your results. 

It's simple, SEO is the only digital marketing process where your ROI lasts the longest. This means even if you stop an SEO campaign, you'll still see organic results. If we're to compare SEO to paid advertising, paid advertising ROI will stop as soon as the campaign stops.

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Increase your brand exposure

 You can increase your brand awareness by investing in SEO with a professional and skilled  digital marketing agency. Website optimization alone will help your site's visibility on with search engines especially when compared to your competitors.  Using our SEO campaign to build your brand awareness will increase the chances of it being seen in search results pages (SERP) by your target audience. 

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

We have been professionals in the digital marketing world for over 25 years.  From developing websites to website marketing consulting and services.  The majority of our clients’ traffic ranges from 75k visitors and above per month.  If you want your business to continue to profit invest in SEO services.   Our record comes with an extensive history and partnerships with popular web platforms including Shopify, Adobe Commerce (Magento), WordPress, Big Commerce, and more.  We are a team driven by results.  We aim to increase your business click through rates, search impressions, visitors, and overall better rankings on various search engines on the internet.

Our decades of experience in Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website will be in good hands. View our case studies to see how we’ve made our clients successful. Our team has brought success to our clients. View the case studies to read more about our previous projects.

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