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Dr. Locs Shopify Website Design is a manufacturer and retail of products specifically designed for the locking hairstyle. The founder developed products that prevent build within locs. The company is backed by a brick and mortar salon that is well known for catering to clients looking for natural hairstyles.

The Challenge: was originally on Squarespace. Upon review, it was determined that Squarespace would not fit the needs of increasing sales. Truthfully, the sales for was very low. The website was difficult to navigate and even harder to find a product and purchase. We were tasked with rethinking their website structure and e-commerce strategy. The other challenge was getting the valuable blog from Squarespace to Shopify while maintaining SEO.

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Ecommerce Sales Strategy, Website Migration, Shopify


During the discovery of the current Squarespace website, it was very clear to us as to why the website had to be restructured. The Square space website did not have the structure needed for conversions such as a clear message above the fold, or an easy way to add a product to cart. But another thing was very clear. The website had a ton of valuable blog content. I mean a TON! In the SEO world, content is king, and having a high amount of blog content means targeted traffic to the website. We wanted to take advantage of the blog content and build a website that is conversion ready.


We kept the design simple with our template driven Shopify to build. This building type is mainly intended to get a Shopify website up and running at a low cost. In collaboration with the Dr. Locs team, we formulated a color scheme using a brand guideline that we provided to the client.

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