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At MageHD We strive to provide the perfect e-commerce platform for your budget.  Not every platform is fit for your business needs. Our expert US development team will not only provide you with experienced consultation, we will build your e-commerce solution at up to 40% less than our competitors. With our ROI first project plan, your return on investment will be seen sooner than later. Here's a list of E-commerce solutions we develop for.

Magento Development | Magehd


Magento is an open source (Free) e-commerce platform with extremely robust features. The key points to think about with Magento is it's flexibility, it's very capable of accommodating your business process with the use of extensions, core configuration, or custom development. It's API ready which means it can accept connections from most POS systems.

Woo Commerce Development Services | Magehd

Wordpress & Woo Commerce Plugin

Wordpress was actually designed to be a blogging platform. It has turned into more with the addition of the Woo Commerce plugin. The name says it all. Woo Commerce adds e-commerce functionality to Wordpress. This technology best suits businesses with less that 100 products within their inventory.

Shopify is a great e-commerce platform for startups. It's user friendly, and handle most of the tricky tasks that a developer would need to do for you seemlessly. The overhead to keep the website running is low and has the ability to communicate with external technologies via API. Many of the features that aren't pre packaged can be found as a plugin in the Shopify app store.

Xcart Logo | MageHD


X-Cart is a pioneer in the e-commerce industry but the solution is best suited for medium sized business, or start ups with a decent enough budget. This platform corners the market by offering the ability to create your own marketplace such as Amazon. Many other platforms need extensive development to accomplish this feature. They offer multiple editions with varying costs associated.

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